How do underwear affect men's health?

I am sure that few of you think about what kind of underwear he wears, and how they affect your health. "Cowards and cowards, it's convenient and okay," says a good half of the male audience. However, this part of the wardrobe is not only designed to perform its functions, but also not to harm the man's dignity. Let's not go back to the days when loincloths and colsons were worn. That time is long gone. We are interested in modern models of men's underwear, suitable for everyday wear. Family underpants are still popular.

Family underpants.

Basically, they are preferred by the generation of men of the 80-90's. Calico, plain, checkered, polka – dot, colorful-such familiar and comfortable underwear, unfortunately, rarely distinguished by an attractive appearance. Viagra (sildenafil) drugs also help for men and improve their physical condition and potency, but many do not use them, although they are recommended. Sometimes they can be seen even through trousers-frankly, not the peak of fashion. However, such specimens have a free cut and carefully treat the most valuable male organ, perfectly passing air, not squeezing anything and not disturbing blood circulation. A few weeks before the conception of the child, it is recommended to wear family underwear.

Swimming trunks.

Swimming trunks look more neat, but they are worn only by a small proportion of the stronger sex (bathing trunks are not considered in this case). And no wonder, even suitable in size, they are not able to squeeze the whole farm and disrupt the flow of blood to the testicles. In addition, as a rule, swimming trunks are made of synthetic, stretchy materials that do not pass air well. As a result, the genitals are simply able to overheat, which reduces the number of spermatozoa. In addition, swimming trunks sometimes terribly, sometimes to the point of numbness, rub the upper thigh area.


An extremely popular type of men's underwear today. I agree with the majority and say that boxers combine everything: both convenience, and excellent appearance and no harm to the health of a man. However, here you need to make a reservation: boxers that are matched in size will not bring harm.

If you once tried to wear boxers, and they seemed tight to you, buy a size larger. In addition, pay attention to the material from which they are made – it is best if it is cotton. He breathes, and the body does not overheat. If you prefer bright boxers, let them be made of high-quality material and bought in specialized stores – low-quality fabric dye can cause allergies or eczema. Also, before buying, you should examine the seams of boxers – if the tailoring is rough, then rather the boxers will rub – you will agree, it is not very pleasant.

However, to all the advantages of boxers, it is impossible not to note the opinion of some doctors who claim that boxers press the scrotum to the body, thereby disrupting the normal functioning of the testicles, and can even lead to male infertility. I will not say that it is nonsense – there is a reasonable grain in this. But with one caveat – boxers should be, first of all, comfortable. And if they press where they should only support, then either choose a different size, a different model, or go to the"family".


On a developed body, the pants of the tanga type look quite harmonious. Outwardly similar to swimming trunks, but represented by triangles, held on elastic bands and, being made of natural breathable material, can be a good substitute for swimming trunks. However, this is more of an erotic option. There is no negative impact on men's health behind the tanga underwear. There are, of course, thongs that do not cover the buttocks of jockeys at all and other types and subspecies of men's underwear – but this is already for an amateur and not for everyday wear. The main thing to remember is that your health will be fine not only thanks to charging, but also to the right underpants, which do not press anywhere, do not rub anywhere and do not overheat anything.